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Requesting update for library function with DDJ1000

Started using my DDJ 1000 today..  The decks scroll through my library list VERY slow. If I turn the knobs quickly, it hangs and then jumps down after 5-10 seconds.

System Specs:

Thinkpad T460


i7 6600U

512 GB SSD

I also noticed that every time I go to browse for the next track, the cursor returns to the top of the list of tracks.  This is counterproductive, and a real pain in the @$$ when I have several hundred tracks to search through.

My tracks are sorted by bpm for the flow of my sets.  It makes no sense when I'm at the part of my set that is 126bpm to have to scroll all the way through the slower tracks to get back to that range.  Especially when it is working so slow.

Also, is it possible to have a separate cursor for each deck?

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@Kevin > Congrats on the DDJ-1000! Sorry to hear that scrolling issue, please file an inquiry ticket here and our rekordbox support team will be able to gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue.

The jumping is something we're looking into - please mention it in the ticket.

As for the separate cursors, no, sorry - rekordbox doesn't work that way.

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Ok. What about the cursor jumping to the top every time?   Is there a setting that can be changed? Something that can be fixed with an update?  I did not have this issue when scrolling on the DDJ-RX...



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Per above - a bug we're chasing down. Please mention it in the ticket so our team can correlate the info you provide to others who are also reporting this issue.

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