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Rekordbox Licence Key not working

I tried to register rekordbox with the licence key from my DDJ-RB Controller, but it doesn't work.

i used the key on the back of the product as i didn't find another one in the box.

is this the correct key or is it missing?

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@Andreas > The one on the back of the unit is not the license key for the software. If you didn't see a small black card with a license key on it, please contact your retailer and they can request a replacement.

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i just buy one of your DDJ-400 Dj Controller, from ebay websit but after i receive the product with full box and licence key in the small black paper.
The problem is, i keep try to activate the password several time,
It dose't work. It keep showing. The licence key i enterd is being used.
Can you plese tell what to do. ?

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