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DDJ-RZX / Rekordbox 5.2 / High sierra 10.13.3

Hello All !
I'm a french Dj / Vj from PARIS / FRANCE.
And i very sorry to disturb you about my problem, but i'm very bored !
Since 3 months i'm not able to use my DDJ RZX with rekordbox & High Sierra. For your information, i have updated to the lasts version my equipments :
* DDJ RZX / 1.09
* Rekodbox / 5.2
* High Sierra / 10.13.3
But i do not have the answer about the "approval" of the Pioneer driver !
And i haven't the "allow" button who appear in the system & security ...
I have removed and reinstalled it and i have searched a solution everywhere but i haven"t found the solution ....
Can you help me abou that ?
Thank you so much
See you soon
Stan Castillo

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Sorry about that, please file an inquiry ticket here and our rekordbox support team will be able to gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue. Hopefully before your gigs!

No, there's no need to uninstall / reinstall rekordbox, but you wouldn't lose your database if you decide to do so - that user data is maintained in a separate location.

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@Stan > Did you first install the drivers and THEN look for the "allow" button? It only appears after you have attempted a driver installation, and is only available for a few minutes after.

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Hello Sir,
I have removed and reinstalled " the driver" and i'm going immediately on the Network & Security and the "Allow
button" don't appear in that window!
I installed a second time, a third time driver 2.01 ddjrzx but always nothing ...
I'm very desapointed because i have gigs planned but very very hard to prepare my sets with no visuals on my waves ...
Have you an idea for me to succeed in getting that "allow" button ?
I'm affraid to remove and reinstall rekordbox too, i don't want to lost my sound database ...
Thank you so much by advance
Have a good day
See you soon

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