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PR Lighting MOON PR-111ER Scanner

This unit is in the database.

This unit does not have dimmer channel, just shutter/strobe.


0-14 Black-out  
15-29 Open
30-250 Strobe adjust from slow to fast (1 to 7 flashes per sec.)
251-255 Open

All scenes created in RB uses dimmer channel, so, this unit is always blinking.

Could you create a new unit (2.0 for example), using a different configuration channel for this issues?

No dimmer option will be available, but i think is better to have it 100% or 0% than always blinking in the scenes

Manual here:



Eduardo Terminée

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We will work to address this in a future update, thanks for your patience.

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Unfortunately scanner-type fixtures are not yet supported. While similar to moving-head fixtures, they work slightly differently. The fixture itself may have already been added to the database, but its function may not be 100% within rekordbox.

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