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Buying a new MacBook Pro...

Ok, so my current 2012 MacBook Pro is a little old, but has 16GB of ram, ssd hard drive, and intel graphics 4000 1.5Gb.

Am considering buying a new MacBook Pro, but am wondering whether I should hold out a little longer and see if Apple release a new range this year with more than 16 GB of ram.

I use a DDJ-RZX so run videos and my current MacBook, although it survives, does occasionally seem to struggle.

So, what is the consensus? Would more ram be beneficial with rekordbox? Or is ram not that important, and it’s more about the processor and graphics?

DJ Sky

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I've got a 2012 with similar specs and it does well for most use, but yeah, video is a beast, especially with the RZX. That said, personally - I'd hold out. There have been rumblings of new models being released this year.

As far as the specs go, 16GB is the max option Apple offers, and that's typically more than enough as memory isn't the bottleneck for video, it's the rapid processing of the video stream. In most of the computers, when running video output like rekordbox, having a secondary graphics driver with dedicated RAM distributes some of the workload. Definitely worth considering, but I haven't done A/B testing of the various options, so I couldn't speak for which one is worth going for.

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