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Software upgrade suggestion auto Memory cue added to "Hot cue" position



I'm just looking to provide some request of future software improvement. It seem that asking for fade in/fade out cue point is not being looked at we the importance that all DJ do consider. What about at least this two things:

1) Can Rekordbox please add memory cue to each added "hot cue" point by it self beside the manually capability of adding memory cue at different point in the track. The reason for this request is that the only way to tell how far away is the present or current position of the playing track from the up coming Hot cue is by adding a memory cue point at the same location. Why not have this take place at the same time.

2) now we have way to add color indicator to track but why is this not display as a color on the area where the BPM is display. As the track change to a new track the color on the area were the BPM is showing on the center of the platter should also change.

There are many more feature I'm sure that people are asking for but this two should be easy to accoplished.


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