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Toraiz SP-16 "Stealing" a 2nd FX slot from another pad


My suggestion is that if the Toraiz SP-16 doesn't have enough processing power to do 2 FX on every pad, it could "steal" the 1st FX from another pad so another pad kan have 2x FX on one pad.

So you could have:

- PAD 1: FX1 (filter) & FX2 (chorus)

- PAD 16: would have it's FX1 disabled because the processing power has already been  "assigned" to PAD1. 

- This way the total numer of insert FX stays the same (and thus the required procesing power), but the routing of the FX is more flexible.

I hope you can implement this, I rarely use all 16 pads and I really find the sound processing limited with 1 FX per pad.

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