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DDJ-XP1 - Unlock all pads

I have just purchased the DDJ-XP1 controller & have noticed most of the Midi mapping is locked. Cue/Play etc mapping is only available for unsuited buttons etc.

Surely it would have been better to include a default mapping & a completely fresh preset for DJ's who really want to dig deep so you can custom map everything including the pads (on both sides).

The Shift function should also be available for custom mapping. I want to use the track search knob as a master tempo change by pressing the shift button at the same time. This would offer duel functionality but it's not possible currently...

Thanks, Carl

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As posted here, the following functions are user-mappable:

Well now, we're not going to let good gear just sit on the shelf, are we?

The XP1 is definitely mappable, here - check this out...

Buttons that can be MIDI Mapped (items with / + shift means both):

- 4 Beat Loop + SHIFT
- Quantize / + SHIFT
- Load / + SHIFT
- Loop In / + SHIFT
- Loop Out / + SHIFT
- Slip Reverse / + SHIFT
- MT / + SHIFT
- Beat Sync / + SHIFT
- Page < + SHIFT
- Page > + SHIFT
- Silent Cue + SHIFT
- Semitone - / + SHIFT
- Semitone + / + SHIFT
- Encoder turn / + SHIFT
- Encoder push / + SHIFT
- Hold

As noted in bold, the encoder IS mappable.

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I understand the encoder is mappable now... However it doesn't seem to allow for the rotary function for "Tempo" at least. Instead it just says "knob / slider" with no option for rotary. It only works on 1 deck too & makes the bpm either too slow or too fast since it only flicks between 2 values. Traktor's global BPM is brilliant to map it just works.

The biggest problem with the controller in practice though is you don't know which deck you are using useless you look at the computer screen. A color change on the pads or even effect buttons would have been a great indicator of this.


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@Carl > That's true, the rotary doesn't work for that function because it's not configured to accept that kind of input (a differential value change as opposed to an absolute value change).

There's no "deck" view on the unit itself, but if you were using the DECK button to switch with the default controls, you'd see a blue outline on the decks within rekordbox to indicate which deck is under command of the XP1.

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