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DJ2GO2 maping on Rekordbox

   Hey guys, I wanted to get a small controller just as a back up, I was looking at the WEGO4, however it is a bit too much for was I was looking for.  I decided to go with the DJ2GO2 thinking that I could map it.

  However, I cannot seem to map this very simple controller, very few things work. For example, the cross fader works and the audio master level after that nothing else could be map, I do not want to use Serato. Any guidance will be appreciated. Thank you guys in advance..



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For starters, the jogs won't map; only Pioneer DJ products can be used to control the jog functionality of the software. Everything else you'll have to map yourself. It's pretty intuitive once you dive into the MIDI functions.

Unfortunately we can't provide any assistance in mapping your device specifically, not do we provide preconfigured maps for 3rd party devices.

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hi, what about serato scratch sl1 ??? or other time-coding interface ?


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