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Circle Of Fifths Option for Rekordbox DJ

This is just a suggestion maybe for a future update in Rekordbox / Rekordbox DJ.

But it would be great if you could add an option in the Preferences to switch the keys from Alphabetical order to Relative keys/Circle Of Fifths.

Right now in the browser, if I was to click on the Track Title or Artist it arranges them alphabetically, which is how it should work of course. But it would be more useful if we could organise the Keys from either Alphabetical to their relative Major and Minor and in the Circle Of Fifths.


C - Am

G - Em

D - Bm.

A - F#m. etc

Or maybe for the guys who love the Camelot wheel you can start on....

B - Abm (1B - 1A)

F# - Ebm (2B - 2A)

Db -  Bbm (3B - 3A)

Ab - Fm (4B - 4A). etc

I think this would be a powerful feature that would benefit many of your costumers and add great value to an all ready fantastic product, and maybe even bring new users to the Rekordbox DJ eco system.

Thank you for your time.


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rekordbox and the CDJs already highlight the related keys (all primary relationships), plus key-sync and key-shift features were added in 5.2.

Camelot notation is something a lot of people have asked for and we hope to include in a future update.

Thanks for the feedback!

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