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Problem with volume SX

since a week I suddenly notice changes in the output volume from my DDJ-SX2. (Using the XLR to my Active speakers) The difference is quite disturbing, it is suddenly softer and then louder, and then softer again, with irregular intervals. All channels suffer from that. It doesn't matter what DJ software I use, I also have this problem when connecting a channel through a line-in. I noticed that the LED VU-Meters changes accordingly, And in order to correct the output level I have to use the TRIM knobs but when the output volume restores to the level I am used to, It is way too loud. I do not notice that when using the headphones, (no difference in the sound output to my headphones but at the same time there is a difference in the main output to my speakers) the sound is also different on line 2 from the other lines

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Im having similar problem with my DDJ SX.
Have been using it for quite a while. About 3 years already and nevwr had any problems with it.
But since july the volume variation haa been happening.
At first i thought it might be caused by eletrical issues at the venue.
But them the same happened at home.
I tested with my studio monitors using the RCA cable outputs and then disconnected those ans used the XLR outputs and a different apeaker.
It proved that the problem was not in the outputs. Then i noticed that the headphone volume suffered as well.
Using a notebook with Windows and serato.
Any thoughts about what may be causing it? Any solutions?

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