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Beatjumping past the beginning of a track

Sup, guys.

Just got a brand new DDJ-1000 after years with Traktor, so I'm kinda riding the learning curve right now.

Hardware is top notch, feels WAY nicer than what I was used to with offerings from Native Instruments. Rekordbox software is... alright. There are things I wish I could change UI-wise, but maybe that's just my acclimatization speaking up.

Anyways, my question is about beatjumping (and I use that A LOT). I'll try my best to explain my issue. So that's how it works in Traktor - I start the track, then, say, beatjump 16 beats back - the track keeps on playing. The software imagines there's an infinite silence before the beginning of that track and continues to play it while counting down the beats till the track actually begins. In Rekordbox, if I beatjump past the first cue (aka the beginning of the track) the track just resets and starts playing from the beginning.

I hope that made sense :)

So, Is there a way to make rekordbox behave the same way as Traktor does?

Alex Dkbrst Répondu

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Unfortunately not at this time, and although you're not the first to request it and it is on the list, we don't have a timeline for implementation or guarantee it will be added. Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for giving me hope though, since now I know it's on your radar :)

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would love to see this feature as well


pedro estrela 0 votes
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