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Pioneer DJ DJS 1000 Feature Request

  • Features I would like to see added to the Pioneer DJ DJS 1000 Sampler


  • Filter envelopes per track ADHRS.
  • Pitch envelopes per track ADHRS.
  • Auxiliary envelopes per track ADHRS.
  • 2nd LFO.
  • Midi effects for external gear.
  • Arpeggiator.
  • Select pad without trigging to edit while playing live.
  • Ping Pong mode with sequencer tracks.
  • Two banks for pads 32 sequencer tracks.
  • Tape Delay (more analog sounding than Dub Delay).
  • Improve the filter types. The should be able to transition more to be more smooth (i.e. MOOG sound) or aggressive sounding (i.e. MS20 or TB303 sound).
  • More effect types.
  • 2nd effects slot.
  • Effect sends on both master and track effects.
  • Better visualization of FX selected on tracks. The grey of the icons is very subtle in low light.
  • Playlist for pattens.
  • Pattern chain.
  • Aftertouch modulation to multiple parameters.
  • Velocity modulation to multiple parameters.
  • New pad type: Global Velocity Aftertouch pad to manipulate multiple global parameters for effects and time changes. Adds more for live players. Push what the pads can do. Something new!
  • Sample velocity layering with up to 2 to 4 layers.
  • Bounce sample to pad.
  • Import samples that were bounced to flash drive that conform to the units time specification for immediate use.
  • Different track lengths per track.
  • Random note and parameter with percentage value
  • Easy access to accent track for individual sounds
  • Browse samples select from sample edit page.
  • Cleaner user interface with shortcuts to move around quickly.

This is a fantastic product and is an impressive tool. Thank you for anything you add to it's current abilities. Make this the definitive drum machine / sampler! 

Matthew Gross

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