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DDJ 1000 delayed even longer now!

I ordered a Odyssey black label flightcase from Sweetwater yesterday for my incoming DDJ 1000. My rep called me to ask if I wanted them delivered together for convenience to which I replied sure. He then proceeded to tell me that the DDJ 1000 delivery dates had been pushed all the way to mid-end of June! I gotta say this wait just keeps getting longer and longer and I’ve had enough. If the products wasn’t ready to ship they should not have been put up for sale. I’ve already sold my DDJ SR and had to reneg on the sale because of this latest push back. Pioneer, please ride these manufacturers and get us our controllers ASAP!


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@Richard > As I said to @Xman in his post, your best bet is to speak with your retailer as we're unable to provide any information on product availability. We don't have access to distribution and shipping details, sorry.

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