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Will DDJ-SB3 work with Rekordbox - or is there a new DDJ-RB2 coming?

Hi - I'm keen to buy a Pioneer controller for use with Rekordbox (in the £250 price range).

If the SB3 won't work with Reckordbox then is the only option to go for the RB (the RB seems much lower spec than the SB2 and even more so the awesome looking SB3)?

It seems to me that users wanting to use Rekordbox are at a disadvantage if the SB doesnt support that software - which is counter intuitive with Rekordbox being a Pioneer product.. but perhaps I'm missing something.

What would you advise I buy to use Rekordbox with a circa £250 controller please, or would you suggest I hold on for a couple of months perhaps? ;)




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+1 I have the same question - I'm guessing there may be some Serato / Rekordbox politics in play here.

@Pioneer can you give us a steer please - if we want to use Rekordbox with a controller around the £250 mark, what should we be doing?

Personally it seems easier to get the DDJ-SB3 and to learn Serato at the moment; I'd rather go for Rekordbox if I can, but the DDJ-RB seems so far behind the SB3!

Please can you advise?

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