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Hi all,

i have recieved an RB-DMX but so far i am very dissapointed. I have added some of the approved fixtures, led bar 16`s and an indogo 6500 led, well even the very ancient light organs with the bass middle high filters do a better job. All i get is all lights on the bars are flashing in the same frequence ( even there are 16 segments to play with ) and the indigo head only spins around without any light coming from it.

i remember pioneer as a great product, but why bring this on the market when its so limited programmed. or not working programmed.

hope im less dissapointed in my ddj 1000, altough i seen a few issues with that to already. 

if it wont improve ill go back to do the extensive programming myself on martin, which unfortunately is not easy on 100k songs. but the way pioneer advertised this as the new generation of DMX control, im very heavily dissapointed and hope i can give a better reference soon, so far not

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@Franky > Thanks for your feedback. Our lighting plugin is still in its first public version and currently only supports a variety of functions for limited fixture types (movers, pars, bars, strobes, pin spots). Even if a fixture is listed in the database, it may not be supported by the lighting program, or have access to all of the features of that light (eg. prisms, gobos, zoom, pixel-mapping). Others may need a tweak to the database programming to get them working properly due to the manufacturer's DMX programming.

Your Indigo 6500 should work for the basics, provided you have assigned the correct number of channels for the fixture to match the selected profile and the DMX addresses are correct. If not, it could be a database issue and we can look into it, but please check your configuration first.

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i have tried both settings,  the advanced and the basic, on both the dmx controller as on the fixture itself, even a complete factory default to basic settings only made the head spin a bit  but thats all.

In every case i have used the dmx adress 001, and no other fixtures assigned. If so i have them on the first available free dmx adress. 

i am not new to dmx or programming light shows, so the dmx mistake is not the issue

also according the database it should support martin MX10 and martin 918 scanners, only missing the scanner option in the presets. there are only the moving heads.but now the one million dollar question,  why is pioneer advertising with an fixture library of 13 k fixtures, if they arent supported by the device.

And the movement of heads are in almost all programms the same, all heads light up at once, no simple running lights functions build in and changing that isnt so easy, i couldnt find anywhere the basic dmx output levels per dmx adress, which makes changing the pre programmed scenes a lot easier

just some ideas also to implement in a system update, changing of dimmer, gobo focus, etc more accesable

K.R. Franky

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Pionner, RB-DMX1 is a good idea.

But it's not finished.

I have a gig Saturday, and still waiting an RB-DMX1 update, because it's not ok for live.

I've still to use a DMX merger, to use RB-DMX1 with another DMX console, to have static scene, GOBO, Prism, laser, other effects...

You should add the avaibility for the user to add a custom Fixture group, with custom pattern.

Good product, but i can't use is alone, because of missing features.

It's very difficult to add the same features as SoundSwitch more quickly ?

If you have private Beta updates for RB-DMX1, i'm your beta tester :)




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Ahoj Mám scany Eurolite TSL-1000 a taky je nemůžu použít v rekordboxu protože nepodpuje scany :-( co ted? 

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