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DDJ 1000 Playlist Palette Access

Is there away to access the playlist palette, so all the tracks I tag on the fly, via controller inputs? Navigating back is possible with the back buttons, but how do you jump into it. And on that note: is there an option to "fold the playlist" in and out? As of now it takes a up a lot of screen.

Also: Is there a way to make a playlist accessible with a controller shortcut? For example binding it so that I can press "Shift + X" and it jumps right to my "House" playlist?

Have a good one!

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These functions already exist:

Press and hold the VIEW button to tag a track.

Press SHIFT+BACK to open the Playlist Palette; pressing it several times will toggle between the 4 palette views, the 5th will close it.

No, there is no direct shortcut available - but you can always dump your House playlist into one of the palette windows and it will remain there even after closing / reopening rekordbox. You can store 4 playlists per palette for a total of 12 that are always just a button-press away.

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How can I select one of four playlista inside of a pallete without usinga mouse on my DDJ-1000 ? 


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