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Public beta version of rekordbox 5.3.0 beta4 released on Jun. 1

Thank you very much for joining rekordbox BETA testing! Please read the following and agree to the contents before running BETA.

  • Backup your tracks and database before using BETA.

           Select [File] > [Library] > [Backup Library] in the menu bar.

  • Stable performance is not guaranteed in this BETA testing. DO NOT use in public places such as clubs.
  • We do not assume any responsibility with respect to any losses or damages including data loss. 


Public beta version of rekordbox [5.3.0 beta4] has been released with new features and bug fixes.

Please download and install it from the links below and send your feedback to us in this forum page. 


 - Release notes (support ticket numbers) -


  • Analysis speed and accuracy.
  • Set-up process.
  • The CROSSFADER settings you previously assigned in rekordbox are ready to use on controllers that do not feature a CROSSFADER assign switch.(#27859,#28412)



  • When using the DDJ-1000, audio skipped when FX was turned on/off. (#50545,#50248,#51790,#51792,#50465)
  • Incorrect BPM detected in external input sources when using rekordbox with the DDJ-1000. (#53678)
  • Arabic letters displayed incorrectly on Windows.(#23655,#25052,#26028,#31238,#32202,#35638,#44017)
  • MASTER deck moved to another deck when the tempo of the MASTER deck was changed while SYNC was enabled in DVS RELATIVE mode.(#39145, #50717)
  • Crashed when analyzing some tracks. (#57345)
  • My Tag filter was disabled when using Pro DJ Link. (#55444)
  • Mix drifted when pausing and then playing a track while SLIP was enabled. (#52830)
  • Assigning MIDI to the 4 BEAT LOOP button on controllers was unavailable.(#58389)
  • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.(#51830)(#51927)
[ Important Notice for DDJ-1000 users ]


[ For those who used Library Sync feature with the previous beta versions ]



Download links:


Windows 64bit

Windows 32bit









Takashi Mashita

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