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How to spot bad quality files

So I was wondering.. When I import a song into rekordbox, it gets analysed and then tells me what kind of file I just imported (mp3, WAV, flacc, etc...). 

Now, I mostly import mp3 files at a bitrate of 320kbps, but sometimes this bitrate isn't the truthful file quality. I was wondering whether there is a way to see (by looking at the sound waves, which you can see in rekordbox when playing the track) whether the track is the right quality. 

I remember hearing somewhere that sometimes a file is compressed or something and then it says it is 320, when it actually is less.. 

I appreciate any help I can get! 

Kosta Hinzen Avec réponse

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@Kosta > An analysis tool like @Frank noted is the best way to weed out the poor quality files masquerading as high-bitrate files.


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You may try the tool 'Fakin' the Funk'. The tool is not for free but offers a Trial function. It helped me to identify the 'low quality' tracks.

It might not be perfect but at least indicated where to dig into it.

I've found it helpful.

Frank Richter 0 votes

Thanks for the tip Frank. Now that I got back into DJ pools I noticed that some tracks aren't the quality that is listed. 

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