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REKORBOX 5.3.0 BETA 3-4 or 5.3.2 and DDJ-1000 don't like "Intel turbo boost" with my IntelCore I5 8th


REKORBOX 5.3.0 BETA 3-4 or 5.3.2  and DDJ-1000 don't like "Intel turbo boost" with my IntelCore I5 8th :

I explain :

I've just find a soluce of my SAMPLERATE AUDIO/NOISE problem with my PC under Windows 10-1803 and DDJ-1000.

PC : 

Asus R542UR-DM338T - with INTEL CORE I5-8250 - 8 th generation

Windows 10 - 1803 - 17134.81

DDJ-1000 - ASIO driver.

Same with REKORDBOX 5.3.2 and 5.3.0 BETA 3 or 4.

The soluce :

when i checked the CPU behaviour wirh the Windows CMD "RESMON"

The CPU task was 10% but the CPU frequency jumped to 150% ! with REKORDBOX + DDJ 1000 -> so audio jumps /noise/ change in clock audio speed / samplerate problem even with a high ASIO buffer

So the soluce :

desactivate the "Intel turbo boost"

How ?

Set the CPU in power settings in Windows 10 at 99% and not 100%




Pioneer can you fix this directly in REKORDBOX next update or Beta or in Windows USBAUDIO driver ?

(Inside REKORDBOX C++ code, or USBAUDIO driver in INTEL settings ?)

On the same PC, DDJ-RX had no problem  with INTEL TURBO BOOST.

Only the DDJ-1000 with his USB AUDIO drivers...Not the DDJ-RX...

I've spent several hours to fix this issues with DDJ-1000+Rekordbox.


Another soluce with this  freeware, because you can't  disable it in most latest BIOS  :


It can disable Intel Turbo Boost, too, with this utility. 

Here the best settings, to avoid sounds problem with the DDJ-1000 with latest Intel Core 8th generation :


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Much like Serato, we're recommending these steps:

Disable C-State Transition and Turbo Boost (BIOS)
Note that not all computers have these settings. If yours does, it is recommended that you disable them if possible. These two settings can cause the processor to change speeds depending on the computer’s activity. This can cause errors or slow performance with Serato DJ.
You should consult the manufacturer of your computer or your motherboard to see if these settings are available and learn how to disable them.

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