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Fuzzy Search

Would the team please consider adding some type of Fuzzy Search option?

General description:
The end user would hit the search box, which would include a new option in the field list just below "All", e.g. named "All (fuzzy)".

Entering a search phrase would produce matches that don't require the user to be accurate with their spelling – ignoring punctuation, symbols, vowels, mistaken double-letters, etc.


The algorithm isn't at all complex, I have written something very much along the following lines for a search facility in a music catalogue system, loosely as follows:
Database would store a new redundant internal 'fuzzy' text field for each track, populated by a concatenation of filtered characters from pertinent text fields, inc.Track Title, Artist, Album. The fuzzy algorithm/subroutine would filter-in only consonant, numeric digit characters, (either rejecting vowels or normalising 'AEIOU' characters to a token), rejecting consecutively repeating characters, and (like iTunes allows for) normalising/converting accented character variants to their bare non-accented counterpart.
Optional enhancement to normalise similar sounding consonants, e.g. M and N, which sound similar (and are neighbouring keys on an english keyboard).

Examples :
         Input Album "Café Del Mar Volumen Dos", Artist: "Mark's & Henry's", Track Title "(The Making Of...) Jill"
         Output excluding vowels (for loose results): "CFDLMRVLMNDSMRKSHNRYSTHMKNGFJL"
         Output including tokenised vowels (for tighter results): "C#F#D#LM#RV#L#M#ND#SM#RKSH#NR#STH#M#K#N#G#FJ#L"

Happy to discuss further :)

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This would be great, and I think it's a perfect suggestion ... but there are literally SO MANY other things that need to get implemented or fixed. I'll leave it on the list and hopefully it makes it into the updates eventually because it's something everyone can use! Thanks for the feedback.

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An improvement regarding search would be very nice. The other day I searched for the word "acapella" and got only few results, but when I typed "Acapella" I have got many more. So the actual search is case sensitive, at least on Windows 10 which is very annoying.

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