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Denon MC6000 Like controller

Not a feature request but a controller request. 

Pioneer should make a controller similar to the Denon MC 6000 MK2 for rekordbox & Serato.


- The 6000 is very popular with mobile DJs. Its compact.  Has 4 channels and 2 separate mic channels.

The smaller compact pio controllers lack the 2 mic channels and more robust feature set. 


The Denon 6000 is currently not supported by RBDJ.


If pio made a like controller my guess is it would be very popular.   The 6000 is dated but still very much loved by the mobile DJ community.






Troy Michael Répondu

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We made the DDJ-1000. It does all that and more. Slightly larger, but better control with full CDJ-size jogs.

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