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Drunken automix observations and associated ramblings

Its 02:15 in Hanover, Germany. Tonight I'm doing the sad drunken play your own fave classics playlist jobbie.. I'm actually only 2 days into my trial of Rekordbox.. Starting on the Beta version and I have to say the blood to my VITAL organs is quite substantial :-D. I'm liking the clever automix.. it isnt the "4 seconds in and out if you like it or not" bollocks. the whole phrase thing is new to me.. useful and clever... The 'related' features is most clever. but...

 1. It repeats songs in automix.. because there is no (that I can find) 'remove already played ' function. Either  on the go or historically.
Purists please understand that sometimes a DJ needs a piss or is playing at a wedding reception where dinner music that doesnt repeat would be nice.. Id like a cannape myself in peace too thank you very much.

2. I have this software on a microsoft based  laptop.. a high end laptop.. and yet inside literally 2 days it has crashed no less than 5 times.. 'unexpected blah blah' gave me a hex dump and that was it. The ONLY reason I'm here and give a shit is I tried the software on the high end PC I have in my cellar bar. Not crashed once. It does however mean I cant go mobile with this on a windows laptop. Virtual DJ MUST be my software of choice because frankly stated I cant risk a crash in the middle of tainted love.. I suspect the video elements are at fault as Im a VJ. I dont do just music anywhere. I will try other laptops though. The fact is things are running smoothly in my cellar which points towards graphic/memory/cpu issue. No other dj software whinges though.


Enough for now. Im going to buy the software and video addon as it is the bees knees in my cellar bar and hopefully will in time sort out its laptop issues.


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