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Hi, please add the scanner ALO 060 from Ayra to the lighting fixture database.


The manual can be found here : https://www.bax-shop.nl/downloads/products/9000-0007-3088/ayra_alo_060_dmx_led_scanner_manual.pdf

The page to this machine can be found here : https://www.bax-shop.fr/scanner-a-led/ayra-alo-060-60w-scanner-led-dmx


Ayra does not have a website of its own, it's a brand sold by Bax shop.

The gobo wheel photo can be found here : https://static.bax-shop.es/image/product/73088/1137562/a0259029/450x450/1501598711ayra_alo_060_gobo.jpg

The first gobo after the blank one is the wheel above it on the photo


The color wheel can be found here : https://static.bax-shop.es/image/product/73088/1137563/4a656604/1501598711ayra_alo_060_gobo2.jpg

The first color after the blank color is the yellow above it (and last one is red).


Thanks beforehand,

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