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Hi, does anyone can help, i have installed last drivers/audio drivers on PC (Windows 10) and update all software for my new XDJ-RX2. Right now i still waiting for my speakers, but want to use headphones through 3.5mm input. I saw the manual video which i founded here "XDJ-RX - Firmware Update / rekordbox DJ Setup" and made everything like there. Computer and XDJ are connected normally, but still can't get the sound through headphones. difference between video and my case, that i haven't 4 channels, but have well defined 2 channels for speakers and headphones.

Headphones work well by it'self, i hear only background when they are connected to XDJ. I tried to move everything and all switches on my panel but no effect.

Mby XDJ have some other settings in rekordbox???

Kirill Balmassov

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