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Rekordbox Performance Mode Recording with A&H Xone 43C

Hi all, 

I recently bought into the Rekordbox experience (v5.3.0) and am currently running with a Surface Pro 4 i7 with Windows 10 installed, a pair of CDJ2000's in HID mode and an Allen and Heath Xone 43C mixer connected via USB to the surface and using the supplied ASIO drivers.

I have reconfigured the mixer to set the jumper option for USB channels 1 and 2 to record out.

In Rekordbox when in performance mode, the mixer type is set to external (under the audio options in preferences) and it doesn't appear to provide an option to set a recording source. 

Playback sources work fine and I can allocate USB channels accordingly, but I cannot selectively pick a source for recording.

It is worth noting however, that in export mode with the mixer type also set to external, the recording feature will happy pick from the 4 available USB input pairs on the xone 43c without issue and Rekordbox will record the output.

I am able to run a second application alongside Rekordbox (Ableton Live 9) and record the input that way when in performance mode (which serves as a work around), but I am unsure why it is not a function native to the solution itself.

Is there likely to be an update or resolution to this issue in the future?


Many thanks,


Simon Gregory

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