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Master tempo UP/DOWN

Hello team


I use Rekorbox in PERF Mode with2*xdj100 and S9

I have every time in live some problem when I try to change tempo on one of xdj.

Problem one: I need to search eatch time the deck that is master?!!!!!

Problem two: I need to move the cursor on the master deck to join the original tempo, and only after, the tempo start to change!!!!!!

Solution1: in perf mode, the possibility to have 2 decks activated like MASTER

Solution2 : the tempo must start to change immediatly when cursor move

Some time during transition, I need to upgrade or downgrade speed bpm, and this 2 problems, it's not easy


Thk for activation of active loop directly from panel: very good



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That's called a software pickup, and yes, you have to move the fader to where the pitch WAS in order to make any changes after having used SYNC. The solution is to not use sync, or to remember to move the fader to that position.

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