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HQ Power vdp1500st


This strobe is not configured correctly within rekordbox lighting. When I select the strobe off function in the lighting tab in performance mode, the strobe starts to go full on (blinder mode) instead of turning off. The same happens when I select a moment in the track where there should be no strobe activity.

I added the manual. On page 4, there is information concerning when the blinder effect is activated with the dmx channels. Hope it can be fixed.

HQ Power
Product website: https://www.hqpower.eu/products/view/?country=be&lang=nl&id=363512
Product manual: https://www.velleman.eu/downloads/4/vdp1500stgbnlfresd.pdf

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Thom Lugthart Terminée

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After updating the library, the "all off" function does work correctly. Unfortunately, the strobe still does not behave correctly. It does not perform correctly and sometimes goed in blinder mode when it actually should be off.

I added an excel with some examples and explanations. Hope it helps and that it can be fixed.


Thank you


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We have made a change to make the fixture stay off when the first channel is set between 0 and 25. But, unfortunately, we cannot fully support the way the dmx of this fixture works. 

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

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