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Rekordbox - Related Tracks - Search Options / Streaming?


I've recently started using rekordbox as it came bundled with my XDJ-RR.

I've been using traktor for the last 10 years so it's a bit of a change and some of the features i'm used to seeing in traktor aren't in rekordbox. 

  • No related album search within the main collection - i can see this is now under related tracks however there's no option for related album?? I tend to buy compilation discs and it's useful to search whats on the same disc / album - Can Related tracks have an album criteria added? there's one for same artist / label, genre etc.
  • Streaming within the application? - Traktor has had icecast streaming for years but not a lot of other applications offer built in streaming? - i noticed that pioneer recently have an ios only recording application for use with their mixers that offers streaming to many popular sites, any chance rekordbox could add this?


Micheal Hancock

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The feature in rekordbox you may need to use which is pretty handy is the Tag option. The issue here is that you have to tag your song as you enter them into the library. The tag option work as a filter or sorting in a way.

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