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CDJ2000 & Rekordbox connections

Dan Morris

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Hi people,
I’m due to work back to back with another DJ next week sharing a pair of Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus.
I want to use my laptop with Rekordbox connected via Ethernet cable and a Ethernet hub as a music database. The other DJ wants to use a USB plugged into the CDJ.
My questions are....

1) With my laptop and CDJs all hooked together with Ethernet cables and Ethernet hub, can we switch between me playing off the laptop to him playing a track off USB seamlessly without any audio glitches?
I.e. when my last track is playing off the laptop...can he simply press the usb button on the CDJ and load up his track ready to play after mine with no glitches?

2) As the laptop and 2xCDJs are already linked together with the Ethernet cables and hub...does this mean that the CDJs are already linked together so he can use the usb stick plugged into player 1 on player 2?

Sorry if it’s a simple stupid question but I’m paranoid about it!
Thank you all in advance for helping me sleep at night!

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