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Rekordbox RB- DMX1 .. some improvemnets and ideas

ome Questions and improvemntsPioneer Rb-DMX 1

Dear Pioneer

First the idea to automatic Light is quiter amazing and so i bought your adapter. At first look i implemanted all the moving heads, led Bars, PARS in the software. This function is quite easy and really good..


The sound analysation is often also reraly good, but when i tested the rekordbox lightning longer and longer. Some Improvemnets and question i would like to ask you.

1. Why ist the DJM 900NXS not compatibel with crossfading and channel adjustment to the rekordbox lightning function. it is connected via usb to the rekordbox software. i think the most users would be happy about the function that the lightchannels from example deck would change automaticly with fading line fader and crossfader. Please update your software. At this time i bought the ddj xp-1 to controll easily the lights and channels by touching pad. but by fader from mixer djm 900nxs it would be amazing.


2.Please implementate a more easier function for moving heads.  i dont undertand the pan/ tilt settings in your software. it would be fine if we can set .the moving Environment . from this angle to this angle 


3. Please implementate a more easier way to crate lightshows and macros

for example mor buttons , and shortcuts. its realy difficult to handle the macro editor when you ve got more than 20 light devices


4.Please implementate more lighteffects, for example the most moving head are equipped with gobos , washing effects and so on. at thist zime we can only use coloured spot in different directions, that is not enough for en device wich costs about 399 eur .. Daslight as lot more of fuctions.


5. Implementate an Preview Setting, where user could create his light settup  simulated on laptop so we can have a look what light show he created in an easier way to create.

without build up all the lights in the living room


6. implementate lasers and so please.


7. please make lightfunktions possible in link/export mode, so that user csan perform her mixing via link. (export , lan)

or make it possible that lighting also takes part when users play song from analyzed tracks via usb

(CDJ2000nxs2 / DJM900nxs)



The idea of the rb dmx 1 is really amaziing and with a few updates and developments it would be the best. at thist timeit is good in the first look, but after testing a few weeks longer there is quite a lot of things to work on it.


Please let me know what you think about ? and what have you improved in a few weeks



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