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Showtec INDIGO 4500 - Does not work.

Hi Pioneer,

Found my device in your Showtec INDIGO 4500 library.
I was delighted.

I chose everything and the device does not want to work normally.

My head INDIGO 4500 moves right to the music, but does not want to open the curtain or dimmer. No beam.
The head moves without a ray.

Please can correct this error.
- Manufacturer : Showtec

- Model Name / Number : INDIGO 4500

- A link to the product website: https://www.highlite.nl/ru/Shop/Products/Entertainment-Lighting/Moving-Heads/Moving-Heads-Spots/Indigo-4500

- A link to the product manual : http://rmlx.co.uk/_resources/showtec_indigo4500.pdf

Many Thanks

Denis Brenik Non planifiée

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