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Handle foreign accents

It would be very nice, if i could search for a track, without having to know that it has accents in it or not.

(the mp3 tags doesn't matter, they contain the same)

For example:

Majka X Curtis X Király Viktor - Füttyös.mp3

I can only find it when I type "füttyös". But sometimes I get the promos, or other musics without accent like this:

Majka X Curtis X Kiraly Viktor - Futtyos.mp3

It would be nice if when searching for "füttyös", or "futtyos", in both cases of filenames rekordbox would find the track.


It's not just with Hungarian music, other languages uses accents, too. I think they would be happy if this would work without having to care about the accents.

Fabio Mandity Répondu

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This is exactly why I use a script in Yate to swap the contents of the metadata / filename of any non-roman / accented characters for their garden-variety equivalent before importing it to my DJ software.

I'm looking at you, Ke$sha.

I'll pass this along, but it would certainly be a low-priority item.

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Same probleme here! Pioneer please fix it! Thanks!

Bettina Holnthoner 2 votes
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This is big problem for me to. It would be a good solution, patch.

Attila ENDRÉSZ 0 votes
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