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Galaxian Gem LED GAL767

*it looks like the GEM led is in the rekordbox lighting software but mine isn't connecting nor is the software recognising the fixture, can your team look into this? There are multiple Galaxians and possibly mine is different?
Manufacture: American DJ
Model Name/Number: ADJ Galaxian GEM LED/GAL767
Fixture Type: 2-FX-IN-1:LED (Moonflower with laser)
Link to the product website: https://www.adj.com/galaxian-gem-led
Link to the product manual: http://intranet.americandj.com/ItemRelatedFiles/7037/galaxian_gem_led.pdf (if that does not work PDF can be downloaded from product page)
DMX Channel Modes: 5 channel DMX control
(If you have any questions please let me know)

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Please note that while it can be added to the database, lasers are not currently supported within rekordbox lighting and will not have any functionality provided by the program. We hope that a future update will include additional lighting fixture types, but do not have a timeline available.

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The lighting fixture you requested (American DJ - Galaxian Gem LED) already exists in the rekordbox fixture library.

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

AtlaBase Ltd 0 votes
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Hello pioneer DJ team.

The galaxy gem is all in the library, but I think
something is wrong with the DMX channels. He does not work like that. can you please check that?

Jakob Gieswein 0 votes
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