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Easy access or key mapping of CROSS FADER CURVE

Hi there,

There's something I've been struggling with for a very long time. I would love to have an easy access for the Cross Fader Curve. Each time I'm DJing and I want to scratch I need to go to the > Preferences > Mixer tab > and then change the crossfader curve (for a sharp scratch cut). Then, I have to change the crossfader curve again to continue DJing. This is time consuming and not an easy task if I'm doing a live set.

Suggested solution:
- Allow the keyboard mapping of Cross Fader Curve (one button for the X curve and one for the SQUARE curve, like in many kinds of gear)

- Allow the MIDI button mapping of Cross Fader Curve (button mapping, not slider which is already implemented I believe)

-Other possible solution (easier to coding I think) is to have the Cross Fader Curve knob visible in the Performance GUI, on the left or right of the crossfader.

Thank you Pioneer DJ team!

Nuno Carvalho

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