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Import "Played State" from previous DJ Set in XDJ´s CDj´s

My Suggestion:

Import the played state from a previous dj-set 
If there would be the possibility to Mark all Tracks of an History Playlist as played that would be great.  
So you won´t play the same songs again. Sometimes I play 2 or 3 set´s a night, for Example warm-up, Last Dj and than maybee even one more for after hour. If I remove the stick (what I´m usally do) the played state of the songs played before that night are gone.

Would be really nice to have this features implemented in a new Firmware, would help me a lot.

Thanks in Advance
Cheers Richie


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Hey Pulse,


I´m Using the Players as Standalone, not with Rekordbox in Performance-Mode. So I would need an option in the Device

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Ah, yeah - then in that case, no, there's nothing other than the history to refer to.

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