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controller players and mixers sold separate


when i first started out with Pioneer on the DDJ-400 i thought it was an awesome contoller! it still is but i would like to see more addon options for the controllers. instead of buying a finished 2deck with mixer included i would love to see the different mixers and players in the xdj ddj line as separate products in a bit bigger case. the overall functions are there but i would love to see the possibility of buying smaller players but still a bit bigger than the controllers out there. with this you could buy a mixer from the DDJ-400 and have the SB3 decks. if you then want to expand your decks you could just add another player from any controller you like. im sure im not the first one to ask this and im not saying this is a must have but i think it would be great to have the possibility for beginners who love the mixers from one controller and the player from another to have this opotion. yes it would be a massive change for you and you probably have had this idea in mind yourself but in case you havent. well thats my tip for the future expansion of the leading brand in DJ gear. 

i know about the XDJ-700 wich is kinda what im talking about but for beginners and intermediate DJs thats a price that makes a dream hard to achive. 

short summary:

make it possible to go here and there with mixers and players from existing controllers in a bit bigger cases. keep the plastic cases and all other features to reduce the price so it would be more fun to buy gear from you as a beginner. 


i thank you kindly for your Response



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