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Pioneer RMX-1000 volume problems

Good evening, my setup is Pioneer cdj 850 (2x) connected to DJM 850 with RMX 1000 connected to send return.

When i use the scene fx effects of the rmx 1000, i'm really struggeling with the volume of the effects. It sounds to loud in comparison to the volume of my track.

When you use the effects on the djm 850 you can select the volume of the chosen effects with the level / depth button. 

but when using the send / return and pioneer rmx 1000 you can't use the level / depth button on the pioneer djm 850 because when you lower the level on the pioneer djm 850, it's also lowering the audio from my track, i only want to lower the volume of the effect not the volume of my track, this because the sound of effects are a bit to loud.

Any help would be nice. If wanted, i can post a small video to explain.


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Watch this video -- different hardware, but entirely relevant in terms of the configuration!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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