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Please can you add Contest - RLR 830 to your fixtures ?

  • Manufacturer : Contest

  • Model Name / Number : RLR-830 - Roller DMX - ELC 250W (Code H8782)

  • Fixture type (eg. par, bar, mover, FX, etc) : Roller Scan

  • A link to the product website (not a retailer page please!) : No longer available on the official website http://www.contest-lighting.com

  • A link to the product manual : http://www.contest-lighting.com/downloads/m878182.pdf

  • DMX channel modes (where available) : 1 Mode - 5Ch

    Thanks in advance !
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Hello !

Thank you for adding my request to your database, unfortunately I can not use them.

When I import them on my addressing matrix, the RLR-830 ​​have no assignment (like moving head, par light etc ...) and there is no category "scanner" available.

I tried to associate them as moving heads, but only the Pan/Tilt seems to react, nothing more happens (the shutter stay closed, the lamp is off, I do not see any movement of the roller, I do not think there is any color change etc ...).

I just think there's no program that's been created for these devices, and I'd like to know if you're going to add one soon, or fix this fixture to make it compatible with another type of device, like the moving heads ?

Thank you in advance !

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