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Just An Idea ( Why Not Create An XDJ 1000 )

Pioneer should create an XDJ 1000, basically a DDJ 1000 with an included display just like your XDJ RX2 or XDJ RR. The DDJ 1000 is your best controller to date and if you could also provide an XDJ version of your DDJ 1000 without removing any of its existing features I may add it would really do well.

IE: If you could gig and use it without the need of a laptop present it would have a large following.  Don't let the grass grow around your fee, if Denon can do it I'm sure Pioneer can do better especially and when you consider that Pioneer already have the best Controller on the market (The DDJ 1000). I love theLow Cut Echo 

Get It Done!!!! 

I love theLow Cut Echo 


Brian Jones

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Really good idea, but there is already a media player called XDJ-1000 ( https://www.pioneerdj.com/en-us/product/player/archive/xdj-1000/black/overview/ ) . That's why you have two downvotes xD. Let's see what Pioneer DJ has for us in the future. 

Everyone wants a Standalone DDJ-1000, but imagine if they just straight put a screen on the DDJ-1000, no one will buy the NXS2-set. Pioneer DJ will probaly not make a Standalone DDJ-1000, like when the XDJ-RX2 came out and it didn't have four decks.

Imagine if you own Pioneer DJ, and you sell a Standalone DDJ-1000, then you will totally lose alot of money on your flagship DJ-players and DJ-mixers. 

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