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Multifunctional fixtures and effects


I have the following devices:

ADJ Boombox FX2:


ADJ Starburst:

I have currently no idea nor does say manual anything about using such fixtures. The thing is that these are multifunctional fixtures and their DMX channels & values can be adjusted separately.

Currently Rekordbox user interface has just "color", "strob", "pattern" options in the macro editor and they are pretty much useless.. only work with simple par's and moving heads.

How can I get these devices working with RB-DMX1? I see that they are also listed in the lighting fixtures list.

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Please note that even though these fixtures are available within the database, they are FX-type lighting fixtures which are not currently supported by rekordbox lighting. We hope to include additional support for more fixture types in future however we don't currently have a timeline for that. Thank you.

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