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Question how this Track Analysis Data sharing works?

nice idea with this shared Analysis data Feature. But how will this work?

some mechanism needs to ensure that the "other" track that receives data is bitperfect to the source track (of what the Analysis data was generated).  

just looking at the filename and maybe size won't work in real life. do you use some kind of hashsums of the track to ensure the data really Matches the track?

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@Daniel > I'm sure they thought of that, but I don't have details at this time.

I'll post this once and close this topic because Olivier has derailed the original post.

The team who has worked on this analysis database has nothing to do with the lighting functionality of the software. There were no resources diverted from one group to work on another project. You've already posted regarding limiters/compressors; posting it over and over again will only serve as frustration.

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Pioneer, you make great products and Rekordbox is a great idea with several updates.

Howewer, before to add new feature, like this, please finish old features.

For example, i've waste my money to a RB-DMX1, and his software isn't ready, and i've to use my DDJ-1000 with Virtual DJ and Soundswitch, waiting a ready RB-DMX1.

(SoundSwitch : incredible features, With Gobos, Static look combined with autoscript, midi dimmer, ...)

500 euros, and one Year.... for RB-DMX1

Sad... Understand me, please....

And please, fix, the audio limiter for each deck in Rekordbox, that sound not good as Serato or VDJ. (Just add an option to desactivate Deck limiters and keep a choosen headroom, and just have a main out Brickwall ou look ahead limiter, and not a compressor)

With a fixed/improved AUDIO engine like Serato 2 and VDJ 8.3 and Traktor 3.1, and a RB-DMX1 finisched and Working, i will use again Rekordbox with my DDJ-1000.

Unterstand your users and the feeling of frustrations, when a new feature comes, and the old others are not ready.



Olivier Frappier 1 vote
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Hi @Oliver Frappier, Great comment !! I agree with you .

It seems Pioneer is not listening their customer or they have their own plans for Rekordbox without make it clear :).

As I said in the other post without to have the entire picture this feature is useless for me and I will not spend my time on that.


sbherculano -1 votes
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