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American DJ Quad Scan LED

American DJ

-Quad Scan LED 

-Code: 1222400075


- product:   https://www.americandj.eu/de/quad-scan-led.html?___from_store=nl

-manual:     file:///C:/Users/dj/Downloads/quad_scan_led%20(1).pdf

- 28 DMX channels 


Hello Pioneer team,

i can not find the Quad Scan LED from ADJ in the lightning of rekordbox.

Could you please give me a response if it will come in the next libary-updates,

or what I can do that I can use this scanner in the lightning software of rekordbox?

Tobias Buchner Non planifiée

Commentaire officiel


@Tobias > The Quad Scan Pro exists in the library (I tested with 1051), and the channels are identical. Even if you were to assign this unit, it would likely not function as intended - this is considered an FX-type unit, and unfortunately there is currently no capacity to control FX-type lighting fixtures at this time. We hope to include support for additional fixture types in the future however we do not have a timeline available.

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