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DDJ - 400, 6th pad is flashing and headphone Volume is low

Hi everyone,


I just bought the new DDJ 400 1 month ago. Everything was working well until now. After playing a track I noticed that the 6th pad on each side of the controller is flashing. Since those pads are flashing the headphone volume is low. I can hear the song playing in the headphones but at a very low volume and I can't increase the volume. The pads are flashing all the time even when Rekordbox is not open.


I didn't find anything about this problem on internet. If someone know anything about it and know how to fix that would be great. 



Hugo de Vergès

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Typically these kinds of problems occur when the computer is not providing adequate power over the USB port. Here are a few things for you to try...

- use a different USB cable

- use a different USB port on your computer

- use a different computer (different model if possible)

- use a powered USB hub

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I had the same problem and it was the power over USB. I connected my DDJ400 and my Logitech Webcam on my USB hub and that was too much. Try to connect your DDJ400 direct and as the only device to a USB port. Connect you other devices on other USB ports.

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