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hi pioneer we have many problems with your product dmx1, though we have paid too much for it. It is not that much functional comparing to other companies production.

eg: for adding a fixture we must email you, and we can not add it manually, and this is a big problem in force ocassion

there is no scense to fix all movings in one direction.

we can not use gobo in movings.

we can not use leiser show, fog machine, fire machine and lots of other fixtures.

and the only advantage of pioneer dmx1 is the sinc of lighting to music beat and such a weak product is not excepted from pioneer company.

I need to know if there is any improvement coming or i have to stop using pioneer products        

thank you

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Our lighting database team adds fixtures regularly and quickly, so waiting is not really a big concern.

You can select a different fixture number to have the unit move in a different manner.

We're hoping to include additional lighting feature control in future updates, however please understand that the intention of this software is exactly as you outlined - automated beat-synced lighting, not full-featured lighting control.

Most lighting software doesn't support lasers anyhow, you need a custom control software for them.

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