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Software improvements Rekordbox.

I think rekordbox should have the following improvements:

- Protection of the library: To work in performance mode the protection of the library must be activated. The problem is that with the protection activated we can not load lists in the Automix, nor delete them. We can not pass themes to the list "tag list" in serato dj called "prepare". These two things with the library protection enabled should let you do it anyway.

- Automix: The Automix should be able to choose the user that Deck wants. You should also do the mix on a Deck just like the Virtual Dj program does.

- Analysis of the songs: The rekordbox analysis of the grid should work better.

I hope that in the next updates these details are taken into account to improve the possibilities of the software.

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These are all things we're aware of and are in the pipeline for improvement. Thanks for your feedback.

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@Saeven > I see you posted the same thing across 4 different topics, and this feature already exists (as shown by @Ves). In future, please search and don't cross-post.

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