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DDJ 1000 Help Please

Hi all. So i got a notification to update my firmware on my ddj 1000. As I was installing it (I am using Mac) I got a message saying that it had failed. Now my ddj 1000 won’t load up it’s just stuck with the loading bar at the end no lights will load and Mac won’t find it at all. Anyone any ideas please ?

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You should check that the DDJ is recognized by the computer. With the DDJ powered-on and connected to the computer, click on the Apple icon at top left, and go to About this Mac and click System Report. From the System Information window, click the USB item at the left and expand any items at the top right to see if the DDJ-1000 appears on the list. If it does, the device is okay - you can try downloading and installing the firwmare again, but if it doesn't run, you'll need to contact Pioneer DJ technical support in your region to have your DDJ inspected and/or serviced.

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