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DDJ-SX Gain/Trim redlining at very low level

 Hi guys,

My gain on channel one and possibly 3 are redlining at about 9pm (1/4gain) and is very sensitive, When usually it would start to clip at around 10/11pm (approx 1/3 gain),
Any ideas what this would be? I thought it may be a worn out pot but I recently ran an aux signal through the channel and it was redlining/clipping at its original position (10/11pm)
Any ideas please Pioneer?

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Did you possibly adjust the deck volume within your software? Serato DJ Pro, for example, has the ability to boost it before it gets to the hardware channel gain - that can cause the signal to be too hot. Try lowering it there first.

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Hey there,

Thanks for reply, 

and sorry for my late reply I was having problems logging into the forum.

I have read the DDJ SX Forum on how to get into the utiity settinng and I tried to adjust the master attenuation setting but that did not help my problem. 

I have looked through the settings of my Serato interface and have not found anywhere where I can adjust the deck volume, Except for the channel gain in serato it self but if its not redlining in Serato it should nt be redlining on the controller, At least it didnt used to. 

Is the something I am missing out on here? any help much appreciated, At a loss here and about to throw it in the trash although the fact that the channel runs fine with normal gain range through a line or aux signal is the only thing keeping me from doing that.



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