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Cameo Multi FX Bar (CLMFXBAR)

Dear Pioneer Team, I recently brought the RB DMX1, without knowing that this does not support All-In-One Lightsystems. It took me days to find out. Product: https://www.cameolight.com/de/loesungen/dj-musiker/lichtanlagen/2184/multi-fx-bar?c=1628.

Some people told me that All-In-One Lightsystems are supported with Rekordbox 5.5.0

My question is, will Pioneer RB DMX1 support All-In-One Lightsystems in the near future or not. If not, I have to return the RB DMX1 to the store .... this would be awfull, because I love the Idea  .... Looking forward to your reply. Thanks Andreas

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