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Touch Screen support for Rekordbox DJ

Hello everyone,

I bought a new Surface Pro 6 for my DJ Sets. I am not using it primarly, but for searching in the library and new ideas it would be great to get the Support for the Touch Screen of my device.

It's great to have a big screen in front of the mixer, but it doesn't work… It's annoying that you exactly have to hit the Little bar next to the window for Scrolling...


Thanks for your answer!

Marcel Finzinger

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i use a touch screen and i know what you mean with the scrolling, however my screen is 27inch and it is a fair size so not a major problem but on a smaller screen like 15 it would be a nightmare.

i simply love that i can select and jump through my preview waveforms to find the next track without loading or reading track data ie song name. since ive been doing this my mixes are more fluid and its very open to selection and above all very quick speed up my workflow.

i moved from traktor for this and not looked back.

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